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Why You Should Get A Battery Isolator For Your Trucks and Cars

GMC Sierra Dual Battery Kit 12V 140A Automatic Management True® Brand

The True® battery isolator is an automatic electronic switch that separates circuits from the main power into multiple branches. The primary benefit of the system is the ability to automatically switch the charging between two batteries from a single power source without rewiring the battery terminals together in parallel.

A smart battery isolator is an addition to your car’s power system. It allows you to utilize all your attachments and gadgets while charging the main battery. The True® car and truck battery isolator switch uses cutting-edge technology that will automatically do these things for you, and more!

All car and truck brands and models can use this groundbreaking isolator technology. It will provide the best possible protection and charging capacity for your vehicle. The battery power supply should be correctly distributed to guarantee that it is in good working order. Furthermore, the battery isolation technology aids in eliminating auxiliary power packs.

Why You Should Get A Battery Isolator For Your Trucks and Cars

The following are the primary advantages of installing a battery isolator:

  • Prioritize the changing of the primary battery.
  • Separates your starting battery from your car’s electronic systems, ensuring that your backup battery’s power will not be disturbed when you start your engine.
  • It allows the use of other electronics, such as winches and towing accessories, without separating it from your car’s primary electrical supply.
  • When you shut down your engine, you can continue to utilize the secondary battery while the main battery remains completely charged.

The True® car battery isolator switch has a complete installation kit which is guaranteed to be easy to install with the help of diagrams and instructions. This fully automatic battery isolator does not need to cut any of the factory wiring that may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

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