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A Solution to the Honda Pioneer Series’ Power Problem

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Even with bigger aftermarket batteries, some people still have problems with insufficient power, especially when winching. The microprocessor and shifting mechanism in the Honda Pioneer transmission are both powered by the battery. If your battery’s power output falls below 9V, your rig will kick out of gear and even halt. Under normal conditions, you should be all right, but if you use a lot of aftermarket accessories, your machine’s electrical consumption will most likely surpass its supply and could cause damages to your machines clutches.

Benefits from the second battery

Honda Pioneer Dual Battery SetupThe dual battery setup with an automatic isolator kit will ensure the performance of your Honda Pioneer is not compromised by low voltage due to draw by accessories. With a second battery for your accessories exclusively, your aftermarket lights will not blink, your audio will not run out of power, and your clutches will not disengage or burn up due to a lack of power. Any stator-type charging system should contain a backup battery, because voltage dips can be devastating on side-by-sides like the Honda Pioneer!

Where to Install Your Second Battery?

Where should your Honda Pioneer Series’ second battery be installed? There are a few places you may consider.

  1.  A lawn mower battery will work nicely under the hood of the Honda Pioneer, and many riders prefer to install auxiliary batteries there as well.
  2.  If you’ve filled these spaces with extra equipment like heating units or storage compartments, you can also put the battery inside the top driver-side wheel well.

Do you need a smart battery isolator?

Honda Pioneer dual battery kit
Pioneer dual battery kit

With a dual battery system, you want your auxiliary battery to power all of your accessories while the main powers the Pioneer’s (factory installed) essentials. A Honda Pioneer dual battery kit allows you to use one battery while charging the other. For example, you can use your radio connected to a secondary power source when the Side by Side is turned off, and your primary battery will not be drained even if your secondary battery runs out of charge.

The True® battery isolator kit for the Honda Pioneers series can charge both your primary and auxiliary batteries simultaneously using the vehicle’s stator. When your secondary battery’s voltage drops below the cut-on voltage of the True® battery isolator, the isolator remains open until the auxiliary battery is completely charged.

It is crucial to remember that if you wish to jump-start your batteries, a quick disconnection method would be helpful so that each battery can function as a stand-alone unit. This is also handy for UTV owners who utilize deep-cycle batteries that aren’t supposed to be charged all the time. Allow the battery to run low before charging it overnight.

Other benefits

Maintainers can be used in unison with battery isolators to keep both batteries charged while the machine is not in use.

A Solution to the Honda Pioneer Series' Power Problem
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