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Question: Why Would an ATV/UTV Need a Second Battery?


True UTV dual battery kit
True UTV dual battery kit

Answer:  Most ATV/UTVs utilize a stator as the source for providing power to operate the vehicles system and charge the battery. These stators are capable of producing very limited amps and the amps they do produce are very RPM dependent. Basically low RPMs mean low amps. Couple that with a small battery with low storage capabilities and you have an electrical system that is inadequate for servicing the needs of the electrical accessories that 5 out of 6 owners add to their machines. This will also cause premature failure of the stator

Effect of Adding Accessories
The fact is that adding accessories that create a demand on the system can and often do result in the battery being discharged even when the engine is running. The industry identified this situation almost immediately and recognized a couple different solutions. The simplest and most common solution is to add a second battery to the system. Preferably this would be of a type and quality that allows for a deep reserve and repetitive discharge/charge cycles. This coupled with the correct type of Isolator, such as that included in the True ATV/UTV Universal Dual Battery Kit, would provide the modification necessary to provide for the demands of the accessories while making use of the current charging system.

Smart Technology

This is accomplished by the accessories being connected to the second battery and the Isolator, which produces a connection between the two batteries, monitoring the available voltage and connecting and disconnected according to the available voltage. With this “Smart” technology it is always insured that the available amps from the stator are first used to maintain the primary battery and only upon that battery reaching a 13.4 volt threshold does it then connect the second battery. If at any time the voltage available from the combined system drops below the disconnect threshold of 12.9 volts the Isolator will disconnect thus supplying full available amps to the primary battery ensuring it is always fully charged.

UTV dual battery kit on Honda Pioneer
UTV dual battery kit on Honda Pioneer


Easy to Install
Since this True kit doesn’t require a connection to the ignition or directly to the charging source to operate it is the simplest to install and never infringes on the vehicle warranty. Isolators that are connected to the charging source or ignition for activation do not adequately address the principles necessary with the stator based system.

A solution to the Problem 
The True UTV-12 was developed from the direct input of ATV/UTV owners and users. Tested by these same people to ensure durability, longevity, and dependability of function it has truly found a comfortable niche as a solution to problem owners would much rather have avoided than experienced

The most common electrical accessory is a winch. Winches put tremendous stress on the electrical systems and if it is intended to be used should be done so with the addition of a second battery..

dual battery isolator kit on Kawasaki
dual battery isolator kit on Kawasaki

As for the dealers, this product is a “Must Offer” accessory in the UTV marketplace and has proven to provide a platform for those dealers to provide a “Full Service” experience that customers demand when purchasing these vehicles.

If you wish to become a dealer and order product, have questions, technical or otherwise, feel free to contact us at:


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