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How to wire the Dual Battery Isolator

The isolator from is the simplest of all isolators to install.  The “dual sensing” feature of this battery isolator makes it impossible to install backward.  Wiring is accomplished by:

How to wire the Dual Battery Isolator

  1. Connect a cable from the positive terminal of the primary battery by removing one of the nuts of the threaded studs on the back of the isolator.  Apply cable, replace the nut and tighten securely.
  2. Then connect a second cable from the isolator’s remaining threaded stud to the positive terminal of the second battery.
  3. The isolator’s black ground lead must then be connected to a common ground shared by all batteries.  This can be a frame ground or can be connected directly to the batteries.  NOTE:  All batteries and the isolator must share a common ground or nothing will function.  Wiring dual battery isolator is provided by

The isolators provided on are voltage-sensitive relays with smart technology that makes them simple in application but provide more efficient operation through the elimination of the large diodes in other isolators.  These diodes rob large amounts of the important charging voltage, produce a large amount of heat, and eventually burn out because of it.  If you need information on the application of other types of isolators you can find it by searching online for a dual battery isolator wiring diagram.


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