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Thanks for the great product and the quick shipping!

Polaris RZR
Image right: – Polaris RZR

The TRUE UTV Dual Battery Kit was easy to understand and took all of about 15 minutes to install in my Polaris RZR. I replaced a QUAD BOSS battery isolator unit I had purchase earlier this year.

  • With that kit I had water intrusion and the cables came apart at the ends despite the shrink tube.
  • There was also a great deal of corrosion inside the shrink tube.

I can see where your cables are substantially better products and I doubt I will see the insulation splitting and corrosion on the TRUE products that I experienced with the QUAD BOSS.

Definitely worth the few additional dollars and I was actually able to get answers to my questions when I called your customer service number even though it was a Saturday. I never could get any suitable answers from the other company. It is easy to see you care about your customers.

Greg T.
Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

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