Automotive Dual Battery Kit – Smart Isolator System True Brand


Automotive industry-proven  12v dual battery isolator system perfect for adding an auxiliary battery to your car, trucks,  RV, and even boat.  This  140A heavy-duty automotive battery isolator is set with all installation components and manual instructions for easy DIY setup.
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Product features

  • Designed for all  12V vehicles.
  • 140 Amp Voltage Sensitive Relay
  • Starting battery charge first
  • Up to 150 amps alternator outputs
  • Fully automatic for multiple battery isolation application
  • Do It Yourself technology with wiring instructions
  • True products are waterproof and corrosion-proof connection between cable and lug Waterproof cable
  • The SBI-19 cover is heat resistant up to 130 deg.
  • True Technology guaranteed to maintain warranty by including complete vehicle’s battery isolator kit which
    requiring no connection to the alternator or ignition.
  • Automotive friendly technology (Honda, Toyota, Ford, General Motors, Yamaha, etc..

Automotive dual battery kit  consists of

  •  SBI-19 Smart Battery Isolator
  •  Flex cable with strong copper cable lugs
  •  Black >Flex cable </strong with strong copper cable lugs
  •  Brass alloy battery terminal ends
  •  Crimp-on tinned copper cable lugs
  •  Adhesive lined shrink tube
  •  Zip ties
  •  A booklet containing wiring installation setup

All the TRUE automotive dual battery kits have proprietary built cables that used extremely adhesive lined shrink tube to maintain its waterproof and corrosion-proof properties. The same adhesive ensures extra strength connection which eliminates the possibility of the lug pulling off even in high stress and/or vibration applications.

A TRUE exclusive!

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